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Glimmer Gold ₹47,974
Height:3.2 Width:7.5
Vintage Gold ₹70,460
Height:2.7 Width:2.15 Total Diamonds:54 Total Diamonds Weight:0.68
Tranquility Gold ₹26,456
Height:3.5 Width:3.5
Half Moon ₹27,095
Height:2.2 Width:3
Cardinal Gold ₹27,064
Height:2.2 Width:3
Isabelle Gold ₹28,036
Height:3.61 Width:3.63
Anna Gold ₹42,859
Height:3.6 Width:3.65
Gold Twist ₹29,009
Height:1.7 Width:3
Triple Roll ₹25,849
Height:2.6 Width:2.4
Diamond Triple Roll ₹72,203
Height:3.4 Width:4.4 Total Diamonds:57 Total Diamonds Weight:0.47
Maisie Interlaced ₹66,744
Height:3.6 Width:4.7 Total Diamonds:42 Total Diamonds Weight:0.3
Elsa Diamond Waved ₹185,435
Height:11.8 Width:8.94 Total Diamonds:120 Total Diamonds Weight:1.85
Bina Deep Connect ₹141,150
Height:3.7 Width:6.4 Total Diamonds:120 Total Diamonds Weight:1.22
Paisley Mirror ₹283,620
Height:4.2 Width:2.5 Total Diamonds:60 Total Diamonds Weight:3.52
SABRINA ₹431,816
Height:79.77 Width:5.6 Total Diamonds:94 Total Diamonds Weight:4.86


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